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We are specialists in the fencing industry. With over 25+ years of experience, we have established an impressive reputation in Grantham and the surrounding area for our services in the supply and installation of fences to both domestic and commercial customers. We are highly regarded for our outstanding expertise in the supply of landscaping materials, fencing gates, decking, security fencing as well as specialised areas of fencing such as close board fencing, overlap fencing, ball stop fencing, stock fencing and paddock. Our team is comprised of professional, highly trained and well-experienced fencing experts equipped with the know-how to install all types of fencing and gates for domestic, commercial and agricultural customers.

Types of Fencing Available in Grantham


Post & Rail Fencing

We install bespoke post and rail fencing which is of high quality, effective and easy to use. We offer various systems of post and rail, including vertical posts joined with horizontal rails, rounded or square-cut, rails nailed or slotted into place. We can also install your post and rail fencing as a base frame for livestock wiring so that the wires stand-in for the rails. Your fencing will be efficient, safe, durable and attractive.


Domestic Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing provides an excellent solution for a wide range of applications. We can tailor the fences to the specific requirement of the customer. Domestic chain link fencing is available in 3 standard heights. The height and thickness of the fence can be tailored to the application the customer requires it for.


Paddock & Equestrian Fencing

We offer secure, high quality, horse-friendly equestrian fencing solutions. Our horse fencing solutions secure horses within the paddock and prevent other domestic animals from gaining access. We construct a variety of low maintenance fences designed to enhance the aesthetics and value of your equestrian property.


Stock Fencing

We offer a significant part of our fencing services to the agricultural industry and our stock fencing solutions are widely acclaimed. We install fencing suitable for all types of livestock. We recognise the importance of keeping animals safe and away from harm so we ensure that our fences have no sharp edges that may be injurious to the animals.


Security & Gates

We construct security fencing that prevents intruder access and we install matching gates that provide access control to your premises. We can construct custom security fencing designed to address site-specific threats. Our varieties of fencing designs enhance the aesthetics of your site and yet provide a high level of safety and security.


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Providing reliable and friendly customer service is at the heart of the services we provide. We are honest, ready and willing to respond promptly to all customer enquiries and to provide fast and efficient services at all times. If you require any form of fencing services in Grantham or its environs, please contact us via our online form or by giving us a call on 01949 860 782.

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Case study in Grantham

  • Picket Fencing at Buckminster School

    We’ve just completed this project at Buckminster School where we supplied and built this stylish 4ft high picket fencing. It provides increased security and fulfils its demarcation purpose whilst improving the curb appeal of the property. Furthermore, the natural treated finish of the timber blends seemingly with the school’s playground.
    • Picket Fencing Photo
    • Picket Fencing Photo
    • Picket Fencing Photo

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K&S Fencing are a well respected and specialise in supplying and installing all types of fencing and gates. We have been established for 25 years and our team has outstanding expertise in the fencing industry. We cater for commercial, domestic and agricultural customers.