The Type of Fencing for Horses


Every single horse is different and what is right for one horse may not suit another. However, understanding the type of fences that are out there can help to determine which would be right for your horse so it can remain happy while also being secure. These are some options that are most commonly available today:

Wooden Rail Fences

wooden horse fence

Wooden fences are one of the most popular options for many reasons, the first being their visibility. Some fences like wire or electric are less visible, this can be dangerous for horses because they might not see it. As a result of this, they may end up running into the fence and injuring themself, however, wooden fences stop this from happening. 

In addition to visibility, another great reason to have wooden fences is that the installation process is fairly straight forward and it is initially very inexpensive. However, wood will require more maintenance than other materials, the cost of maintenance can easily become expensive in the long-run which is the slight disadvantage of this product.

Electric Fences 

electric horse fence
Graham Hogg

As mentioned before, these fences are less visible to horses which can sometimes be dangerous, however, over time the horses will learn not to go near them anyway. Electric fences work by producing a mild shock to the horse when it leans on the fence or runs into it. Some people may be against this but it is good to know that you can adjust the level of the shock so horses won’t be harmed, over time the horses will learn that this isn’t something they want to go near and will just avoid it. However, due to how well these work, the price of them doesn’t come cheap as they are one of the most expensive fences you can get.

Wire Fences

wire horse fence

Wire fences are a great option if you want something extremely cheap and easy to install. However, there are definitely some downsides to this material. Wire fences are simply a strung wire, very similar to the electric fence but without the electrical current, meaning that horses won’t learn to not go near it. They are also not very visible so the chances of a horse running into them, getting tangled and obtaining severe injuries are quite high.

Pipe Fences

A pipe fence

Pipe fences are great for visibility, are very sturdy and require little maintenance, this makes them a great option. However, although this material is sturdy, it can also be dangerous for horses too, due to its lack of flexibility, if a horse were to run into it, the pipe wouldn’t flex at all meaning that the horse is more likely to be injured.

Mesh Fences

mesh wire fence

Wire mesh fences are a much more durable and safe option than a plain wire fence. When the wire is spaced properly with the gaps not too large, then there is a very small change that the horse can get stuck or tangled within it. As well as this, they are much more visible to horses, meaning that the chances of them even running into it are a lot slimmer.

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